[VIDEO] Cartoon Explains the Current State of the Economy & Why You’re Poor As Hell.

RF enjoys this trend of Youtube-accessible animation being used to explain scary (and very adult) economic situations.   This video covers inflation, stagflation, the recession, and answers why the U.S. Treasury can’t just keep on printing dolla-dolla bills, y’all!  ALSO, this is the first time we’ve heard the current state of the economy called “a global economic collapse.”  So, this animation ends on a bit of a dark note: “The only thing we can do is to prepare for very. EXTRAORDINARY. CIRCUMSTANCES!”  OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!  LXD - Save us from impending doom with your impeccable dance steelo.  kthx!   Now that we better understand this situation, we  just hope the US didn’t borrow from Sallie Mae.  Because they be blowin up phones allldatime like cray, OHkayyyyy?  (…and we don’t even owe close to $14 trillion…)   Please take the 5 minutes to watch:

UPDATE: Adam Baker, a favorite blogger of ours, of Man Vs. Debt recently blogged about this video, too!  In his post, he covers the way these larger systems affect the average American family.  If you don’t follow the blog, Adam is a father to an adorable toddler, and currently lives with his wife in New Zealand.  They’re originally from Indiana, and sold all their belongings after a round of several debts to travel the world.  RF loves the blog, but you should check out what other people are writing in response in his comments section, too!   *Featured image source:  http://schoolloans.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/2bush_economy.jpg

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