Snapshots, Elsewhere: Hanalei, 29, Jersey City

Snapshots, Elsewhere is a feature of recessionFRESH, where users are asked to submit photos and prices of everyday items to explore the cost of living around the world. If you’d like to submit, please visit this link.

Hanalei, 29, Jersey City, NJ


What do you love most about where you live? What I love most about Jersey City is that I live on the block where I was raised. I love that familiarity.


What would you spend your last $5 on? Probably a carton of eggs and some tofu.


Why did you choose these 3 items? They were the most accessible to me. Not complicated at all… 


Cup of coffee – Dunkin Donuts, $1.99
Loaf of bread – Shop Rite, $0.99
Gasoline – Shell, $4.53/gallon


Hanalei is a writer, performer, and community organizer from the New York City area. She has always loved, and will always love Jersey City.

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