Marie, 30: Houston, TX (2011)

(Snapshots, Elsewhere is a feature of recessionFRESH, where users are asked to submit photos and prices of everyday items to explore the cost of living around the world. If you’d like to submit, please visit this link.)


2011-10-01 16.19.41Marie, 30: Houston, TX (2011)

Marie is a toy hoarder and lover of all things kawaii, antique and vintage. She also an account executive who holds a high interest in art, culture and traveling.


Lunch: [$7.00] Parmesan Truffle Fries, Fried Avocado Tacos, Fried Green Tomato Tacos. I purchased these items from the Htown Food Streat Taco Truck.


Phone Bill: [$332.44] Sprint Phone Bill


Usual Commute: [$6.00] to Berryhill Tamales. This is a traditional place I commute to every Monday for their $1.99 Original (Fried) Fish Tacos. The cost of commute to the establishment costs $6.00 to and from home.


What do you like most about this neighborhood or city? What I like most about this city is the cost of living and cheap food.

How has the recession affected you? The recession over the years has greatly affected my chances of advancing in my field of work, due to company downsizing, massive lay offs and budget cuts.

What would you spend your last $5 on? A bucket of fried chicken or some designer vinyl toy figure.


Thanks so much Marie, for taking us on this Texan tour! – h!

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