F, 30s: Center City Philadelphia, PA (2011)

(Snapshots, Elsewhere is a feature of recessionFRESH, where users are asked to submit photos and prices of everyday items to explore the cost of living around the world. If you’d like to submit, please visit this link.)


F, 30s: Center City Philadelphia, PA

F is a writer after his 9 to 5, but is a storyteller all the time. He currently lives in Philadelphia.



Coffee: [$3.75] (No description provided)

photo (2)

Lunch: [$7.29] Cheesesteak, fries, and a soda.

photo (1)

Price of daily commute: [$0.00] Free. I walk.

photo (3)

What do you like most about this neighborhood or city?  Livability.

How has the recession affected you? It made me leave a job where I was complacent, and I got a job where I’m rarely bored.

What would you spend your last $5 on? I don’t really know. I feel that I’d find some public transit to a friend or family member’s house.

Why did you choose these 3 items? Well, for the questions asked, they were the most accurate answers I could give.


Thank you for a look Philly, F!  Truly appreciate this perspective. Hope you don’t mind that I stole your image off your website :) – h!

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