Angela, 28: Nottingham, UK (2011)

(Snapshots, Elsewhere is a feature of recessionFRESH, where users are asked to submit photos and prices of everyday items to explore the cost of living around the world. If you’d like to submit, please visit this link.)

angel espAngela, 28: Nottingham, UK (2011)

Angela is a Radical international educator and emcee. Provegan snackmasta and yogini. Half of Filipina hip-hop duo 1st Quarter Storm as well as anti-racist, anti-imperialist radfem diode Sisters of Resistance. ( &

Cost of a loaf of bread: [£0.99] A loaf of Polish bread Kaya Market on Alfreton Road


Cost of a cup of coffee: [£1.20] A soya latte from the university cafe


Dinner [£25.00] a vegan Sunday roast dinner from  Alley Cafe – vegetarian/vegan cafe in city centre. About £25.00 for two (incl. meals + non-alcoholic drinks)


What do you like most about this neighborhood or city?  It’s culturally diverse and open to interpretation. Plus the university gave me money for school.

How has the recession affected you? Decided to go to grad school in the UK due to limited employment prospects in my hometown (Seattle, WA).

What would you spend your last £5 on? tea and biscuits (it’s the UK — standard).

Why did you choose these 3 items? I’m a snackmasta, and these items are part of my everyday life. but don’t forget the £1.00=$1.70 conversion!


Angela is a very close friend of mine, who is also a 1st year PhD student. So, thank you for finding the time… – h!

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