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A day I felt really good about my hair. Thanks, Instagram!Hi, my name is h! and I founded recessionFRESH, where we explore everyday economics for the poorly privileged.

The 2008 Recession has taught me a number of things. After years of struggling with being poor (mostly by way of school debt repayment, unemployment,  and underemployment), I am using what privileges I have to explore how I can crawl out of poverty.

I have lived for a majority of my life in the New York City area. Here, cost of living is high. When you’re in the City That Never Sleeps, you tend to pay for the entire time you’re awake.  Like, every second of it. So, when you’re either unemployed or underemployed, you’re faced with severe limitations.

This will never be a blog romanticizing poverty, or a place to make it “sexy.” Poverty is hardship, and a miserable circumstance for many. RF is an avenue to talk about what many other money blogs skip, with an emphasis on class, race, gender, national origin, community, and most importantly, justice.

The intentions behind this website are guided by this growing list of my questions, geared toward what it means to be a worker (or non-worker) today:  (this will gradually evolve…)

    • As the child of immigrants, what are the conditions faced by migrant workers all over the world, and how does this affect me?
    • What makes working in the U.S. so challenging? What is this country’s history of work?
    • What factors drive women (and children) into poverty and unemployment?
    • What means of support are available for the every day worker in the U.S.?
    • What options do the unemployed and underemployed have?
    • What is the state of poverty in America? Around the world? How are the two related?
    • How does the abstract idea of “economy” affect me in my everyday life?
    • How can we make financial education accessible, and more understandable for everyday folk (like me) ?
    • How does this generation become financially stable? What are the things I should have learned to manage money responsibly?
    • What is the role of community is all of this?  How can we support one another, and protect working families/people? How can we push for change together?
    • In what way am I privileged? …and how can I maximize these privileges to make real contributions to the world?

As I tread through the instability of these times, résumé in hand, I still have many lessons to learn while attempting to accomplish some of the wonderful things I want in life.  I plan to do this while staying sane. (Top priority!)

I know that my story is nothing extraordinary. In the midst of chronic global economic collapse (ah, thank you, inherent nature of capitalism… <3) many of us still struggle with poverty and under/unemployment, despite having a number of privileges and opportunities available to us. With this comes that same shame in not knowing how everything became such a hot mess, and the powerlessness of neither having the money nor resources to pursue the things which matter most.

While I will be exploring money management and debt repayment as applicable to my personal life from time to time on this blog, I am most interested in writing about poverty in the U.S./abroad, and what it means to be a worker in the age of aggressive globalization. There are already a number of sites that do talk about personal finances, and do this extremely well.  I’ve listed my favorite ones here, as this blog might not be the most consistent space for that sort of information.

So, thanks for reading! Whether you’re fresh out of the recession, or heading into the new one, I hope we’ll both find this process entertaining and engaging.

To better tomorrows,


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Fresh out of this recession; Tips for the poorly privileged…