Dodging the bullet on gift cards…

A couple of years ago, my aunt decided she was very upset with me.  This made several holidays and special family occasions very awkward.  She never actually told me she was upset with me, she just stopped speaking to me.  Because I am an astute observer of the world, I took this as a cue.  Some years later, I happened to be at a family Christmas gathering she hosted.  Surprised to see me, she gave me a Victoria’s Secret gift card that she had in her random gift pile.  While I am eternally grateful for the gesture, I already own a surplus of panties.


When my younger sister noticed this $25.00  gift card posted on my wall for years, she suggested that I finally sell it on Plastic Jungle , a giftcard reseller site.  The process is simple:  you find the gift card retailer in a listing, input the amount, and Plastic Jungle  will pay you cash for a percentage of the card’s value.  It helps to do research on other reputable sites like Giftah or Discount Granny for varying sell rates (ex. J Crew gift cards are available at a 70% sell rate while Walmart cards are available at a 91% sell rate)  and accepted retailers  (ex: J. Crew gift cards are not taken byPlastic Jungle but are  listed at Giftah.)


For my $25 Vicky’s secret card, I used Plastic Jungle.  However, there were some issues verifying my PayPal account so I opted for a check in the amount of $20.25 mailed to me – which was a good thing to avoid the associated PayPal fees. The postage to mail in my gift card was covered by a printed mailer provided via email as a .pdf file by Plastic Jungle .  Once sent, and they confirmed the card’s receipt via email, to tell you your disbursed check is on it’s way.  Overall, I liked Plastic Jungle.  The interface was very easy to use, and it looks pretty professional in comparison to some other sites out there (the next site I will use is Giftah, another trust-able interface.)


So, that  my friends, ups my total on the side. HOLLA!


***TIP:  If you have expensive merchandise from stores you’ve never used, consider returning it for store credit.  This usually comes in the form of a gift card, which you can sell online through Plastic Jungle  , etc.  This will be your best option if you were considering resale on eBay or donation.  Low amount of work, highest return in cash.

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