Yvette, 30s: Tashkent, Uzbekistan (2011)

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vettievetteYvette, 30s: Tashkent, Uzbekistan (2011)

Yvette is a counseling specialist at Tashkent Elementary School, and is currently living in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.



Cost of housing: [$850] 1 bedroom house w/ courtyard: $850 (paid by employer – includes gas/electric/water)

Lunch: [~$3 USD] Chicken, coke and bread at the bazaar avg. cost = 7,000 soums (~$3 USD at the black market rate)



Dinner: [~$10 USD] Lamb, bread, and salad at Cafe Efendi, a Turkish restaurant + drinks and dessert (not pictured), avg. cost = 25,000 soums (~$10 at the black market rate)

Daily commute: [~$1.50 ] to Tashkent International School; Taxi commute to school from my house (6km distance) : ~4,000 soums (~$1.50 at the black market rate)



What do you like most about this neighborhood or city?
Tons of hidden gems in a place that a lot of people in the US have never even heard of. The food is awesome (and cheap), the locals are friendly, it’s safe (I can grab a taxi aka any car that will stop at any time of day/night and not worry about anything bad happening to me) and the people I’ve gotten to know – my friends from work and the locals – are a great bunch. It has a lot of quirky character being a mix of the former Soviet Union, Muslim (they like their vodka and sometimes eat pork), Asian, Russian, and Uzbek.

How has the recession affected you?
The recession has taught me that somebody with my education and credentials – a master’s degree and licensed therapist – has to compromise a lot in order to survive, BUT it’s not the end-all. It inspired me to look beyond my comfort zone and I wound up overseas in a country that was not even on my overseas wish list. Looking at what’s happening in the U.S. now, I think I left at the right time.

What would you spend your last $5 on?
Shashlik (kabob) and a cab ride to the airport.

Why did you choose these 3 items?
I chose these 3 items because I don’t think many people – including myself – knew what to expect of Tashkent when I moved out here. Some of my friends and family thought I’d be in some desert, remote, backwoods place where it would be hard to enjoy living here. Living here isn’t so bad – great food, great house to call home (my friends’ apartments are cool too!), and a great school to work for.


Thanks for an amazing submission, Yvette!  Your photos are incredible…an making me hungry! Looking forward to your next set of travels, and to following you along that trail!  Cheers! – h!

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